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Superior Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Services

To make your construction or demolition project successful, you’ll need to have a proper debris disposal process. You can rely on us to do a great job for you. Our centrally located C and D (construction and demolition) facility has specially designed programs to provide you with unmatched speed, convenience, and money-saving options when it comes to debris processing and recycling.

For proper debris disposal, we offer 3 optional solutions. From small remodeling jobs to large construction projects, choose Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. for the right debris disposal solution.

Solution 1

Self-Hauling to Calamari’s Full-Service Construction & Demolition Debris Processing Facility

Just seconds off Route 9 in Essex, Calamari’s newly constructed construction and demolition processing and transfer facility is more than just an easy-to-get-to location to haul and unload debris. Our 3-step turnkey-service approach helps you get in and out quickly without hassles at fair and competitive prices.
  • EFast, Accurate Load Weighing

Our new, accurate, easy-to-access load scale provides quick, reliable measuring services.

  • EUnloading Assistance
Our sheltered facility and debris-removal team make dumping or unloading and sweeping out your vehicle an easy job even when you’re in your vehicle.
  • EReweighing & Service Ticket Generation
A quick trip back to the scale generates a service ticket. The average time for the entire process is less than 10 minutes!


Roll-off Container Services

Our full fleet of roll-Off containers, trucks, and trailers can handle single-load capacities from 20-yarders to 100-yarders, depending on your disposal project needs. We provide scheduled and on-demand “drop-off / pick-up / return” services, ensuring dependability and price points needed for your project’s success.


Cleanup Service

Looking for heavy debris loading and cleanup services? Calamari Recycling Co. INC has the experience, manpower, and machinery needed to keep you on schedule and in compliance with standard regulations. As we are a full-service recycling center, profits from abundant scrap metal recycling can help offset the costs of cleanup service!
Calamari recycling

What Our Clients Are Saying

John N
John N
Friendly and a fantastic price! Highly recommend for great service. Thanks
Morgan Barrett
Morgan Barrett
Good prices and friendly staff.
Jon S
Jon S
First time here and a great experience. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Reasonable pricing. You should go out of your way to support smaller operations, especially this one. You get much better service.
Michael Forcucci
Michael Forcucci
the person who took care of me was very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable in my dealings with him
Michele Lester
Michele Lester
Great Prices, Great People, Clean Facility

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