Learn More About Calamari Recycling Co., Inc.
Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. was founded by John, Anthony, and their brother-in-law, Joseph Smith. Our business was established in 1935 on Howard Street near the Thames River in New London, Connecticut. This location was favorable for maximizing the influx of salvaged metal and efficiently turning the recycled metal as raw materials for export purposes.
Through the years, our management team has learned to survive fluctuations in the salvageable metals market. We have built a thriving business and a good reputation by providing excellent recycling services at all times.

Relocating Our Recycling Facility

In the 1980s, the residents of New London wished to change the landscape of their city with a different development project. So the company got shifted to Trumbull Street, utilizing railroad lines for the shipment of products.

The management team was expanded to include the owner’s son and son-in-law, Paul Calamari and Vincent Nucci.


Another Reason to Relocate Our Recycling Business

Pfizer, a corporate neighbor in the New London Waterfront Redevelopment project, desired more contiguous property. So it purchased the Trumbull Street property from the Calamari Brothers. This became the other reason for them to relocate once again in 1998.

The Final Stop for Our Recycling Facility

In 1999, Calamari relocated to neighboring Essex, CT with the founder’s grandsons, Jonathan Nucci and his brother, Joel Nucci. An auto accident took the life of Jonathan, leaving Joel to manage the business.

Calamari Recycling Co. INC currently covers a 14-acre area and is located at 20 Town Dump Road in Essex, CT. It employs over 25 people on a full-time basis.

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